University Lifelong Learning and the labour market in Europe - The contribution of continuing education and vocational education to the challenges of changing work and qualifications requirements

49th EUCEN Conference

The EUCEN Conference in 2017 will take place in Mainz / Germany. The system of vocational education is perhaps the most important component of the German model, and is still very prevalent in the German educational system. In Germany, there is a much heavier emphasis on apprenticeships for skilled positions, taught by expert worker/instructors.It has been made possible through long-terms politics, focusing on establishing stronger links between the dual vocational education and training system and institutes of higher education, on improving integration into vocational training through basic skills and permeability and on establishing national coverage of branch-specific regional initial and continuing training centres. German HE institutions (universities of applied sciences and universities) have a lot of experience in dual studies - a specific German model.

The EUCEN Conference will discuss the different European models of CE and VET as contributions for the challenges of the labour market.

Mainz welcomes you

The Mainz Gutenberg-University